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We've developed proven processes to deliver stable, modular, and extensible software solutions…

1. Decide

Our Principals, Jeremy Korn and Kavih Williams work closely with our clients and help guide them through the decision process. Our clients know their market and we do the ultra deep dive to "get on page" with them. Only then can we truly apply our experience to their marketplace and decide together with the client the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) feature set.

2. Define

Jeremy Korn creates the Wire Diagrams of the UI/UX and writes the Product Requirements Document. The Wire Diagrams are essentially a skeleton of the User Interface that use pre-existing "vanilla" interface elements and line drawings. The Product Requirements Document is a structured MSWord Doc that fully describes every function and element in the project. The Wire Diagrams and PRD allow our clients to review and adjust the project before investing in the actual development.

3. Design

This step consists designing the "skin" the mobile app or website. Jeremy Korn works closely with our Graphic Designers to create Mockups, which are essentially pictures of the site. The Mockups allow our clients to review and adjust the color theme and style of the elements prior to development.

4. Build

First our Principals, Jeremy Korn and Kavih Williams review the Product Requirements Documents to ensure that it is clearly defined and understood. Then Kavih and his engineering resources build the app.

5. Test

Kavih continually test the app as it is developed. As the app reaches functional milestones, Jeremy and his QA resources test the app to make sure that it functionally meets the specification as outlined in the PRD. We use a QA Report and Tracking process between to find and fix all issues before releasing a preview to the client. The User Experience of the app is also tested to ensure that it is easy and enjoyable to use.

6. Adjust

At certain functional milestones the app is sent to the client for UX and functional review. We consult closely with our clients and make any needed adjustments.

HTLM5 & LAMP Development

Cool Things Excite Us!

We can go as deep as you want to create custom HTML5 web and mobile apps. If you have an idea, we'd love to hear it and help out. Feel free to contact us to set up a free consultation.


VIOS Platform for VBulletin

VBulletin powers over 100,000 websites and our VIOS Enterprise Platform is designed specifically for large communities and enterprise VBulletin sites.

The VIOS platform offers the following features/benefits...

  • Database optimization and performance tuning
  • Scalable capacity
  • Data integrity
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Six sigma up time
  • Customization to vBulletin sites without requiring a forked version of the code
  • Professional customer service and support

The Nucleus VIOS Platform powers, Harmony Central, the largest VBulletin5 site on the web.

We specialize in migrating communities from Jive and Lithium to VBulletin powered by VIOS.

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"Nucleus Creative has worked closely with our engineering department as we optimize the performance of vBulletin, and theirs is the only enterprise platform we've recommended."

- John McGanty -

General Manager, VBulletin


"The savings of VBulletin on the Nucleus VIOS platform compared to the cost of our previous Saas solution paid for the migration within 6 months."

- Chris Loeffler -

Technical Manager, Harmony Central/Guitar Center


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